Mark Harmon 30.9.2014 on Live! with Kelly and Michael

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Thank you sweet anon :)

||NCIS 03x08 Under Covers||I missed you... Jen||
Loved your recent post with Abby/Gibbs gifs. Though it was a bit sad that season 11 seemed to have less kisses, head slaps, hugs, and Gibbs bringing Caf-Pow for Abby. Hopefully we get more Gibbs/Abby scenes in Season 12.

Thank you :) I love Sandy’s Edits and gifs and what she’s doing with them.
Also, I so agree with you!!! Missed those moments, too. Of course, I still enjoyed the scences we got. They were so lovely. Gibbs was so caring and sweet to her. I love the chemistry between Abby and Gibbs a lot. I do hope we’ll get more of that mixed with those funny moments, Caf-Pow and kisses. Triin :D

||Gibbs and I... we're tighter than blood...||

||NCIS||03x23|Hiatus I|
||NCIS||03x24|Hiatus II|
||NCIS||11x23|The Admiral’s Daughter|

LJ: He was proud of you, Leroy.Gibbs: Proud of him, too.(NCIS 11x24 Honor Thy Father)

NCIS 06x04 Heartland

LJ: He was proud of you, Leroy.
Proud of him, too.
(NCIS 11x24 Honor Thy Father)

NCIS 06x04 Heartland

||NCIS 08x22 Baltimore||Gibbs & Tony||
Tony || Honey dust. I give it to Girls.
Women! Sorry Kate. I give it to women at Christmas time.
Very sensuous. You apply it with a feather. Kate || You don't use the whole chicken? McGee || I never heard of honey dust.
Kate || Yeah, that's because your mother raised you to respect
women, McGee.
Gibbs || It makes a woman's skin feel silky smooth.
When kissed, it tastes like honey.
***Tony, Kate & McGee poke their heads out of the showers to look
at Gibbs, totally suprised and a bit confused*** Gibbs || Got a box of honey dust last Christmas. No card.
Tony || Ahh... I think the post office screwed up, Boss.
Somebody else got your bottle of Jack and you got their...
Any News on Sandy? Did she have the Operation yet? Please tell us how she is. Praying for her!

Yes, she had her operation on Thuesday in the morning. Vicky and I visited her later in the evening and were allowed to stay over night and watch NCIS live together with her. Vicky also brought a lot of NCIS and Mark items for her. The operation went well. They could repair the bone and remove many parts of the tumour. She will go home from Saturday to Sunday and go back to the hospital on Monday for the therapy. She’s happy. She has to be careful so her bone can heal now but she might be able to walk alone by Christmas.

We also met the Family, very nice and caring. When they came to see Sandy after the operation it was very emotional. Knowing more about their backstory now and having met them was incredible. We’re all so glad Sandy will get better. :)

Thank you and everyone who’s been supporting Sandy through this. Every donation has helped, every prayer has worked. We were hoping for a miracle and it happened! :)


||NCIS 05x07 Requiem||Behind the Scenes||Mark Harmon||
||NCIS 05x07 Requiem||Behind the Scenes||Mark Harmon||