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Mark Harmon, LL Cool J & More Interview NFL Greats

||Jim Beaver||||@jumblejim 2014||
Mark Harmon can’t stand me. I don’t know why.
||Jim Beaver||||@jumblejim 2014||
Mark Harmon can’t stand me. I don’t know why.

||Mark Harmon||||Stand up to Cancer 2014||Source:||
||Mark Harmon||||Stand up to Cancer 2014||Source:||
||Mark Harmon||||NCIS Press Conference||2004||
Hi Sandy and hi to the team as well. I just wanted to drop by and tell you how awesome your blog is and how much I love your projects for Mark and the cast members of NCIS. I sadly missed the one for Mark this year :( And also, I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues. You seem to be a nice person and don't deserve this. I heard you sell autographs of Cote to raise money. Do you think you could show me a photo of the autograph?

Hi and thank you so much! We’re glad you like our blog and the projects.

Thank you!! It’s sweet from you to say that.
I do sell autographs *crys* and I have 3 of Cote:

For the first two autographs I have COA’s.

I'm really sick of people ruining pics with super big watermarks and claiming shit. Do you happen to have the original pics from Mark's Stand up 2 Cancer shoot?

I doubt you’re talking about one of my posts in your message so I’m definitely the wrong person to talk to. You should talk to the people directly instead of coming to me and probably set up a fight with that.

I do have a bunch of pictures from that shoot and you’re not the first to ask for them but I’m sick and tired of certain things so I surely won’t post them now just to make sure certain people won’t bother me with that again.

But in general, it’s not always easy to get certain pictures and I’m very careful with what I post and not. Many pictures are not meant to be published and also, I don’t have the ok or permission to post certain pictures.

Goodnight xoxo

||Mark Harmon|| Stand Up To Cancer ||September 4th, 2014 ||

Credit: NCIS-Source

||Stand Up To Cancer||
||Stand Up To Cancer||
Happy Birthday Mark Harmon || NCIS Season 11 #2||
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