Let’s Get Harry 1986(also known as The Rescue)

Let’s Get Harry 1986
(also known as The Rescue)

|| Mark Harmon ||

Mark Harmon || 14-08-14 || Brentwood

NCIS Cast 
|| Season 11 || Season 12
Gibbs & Tony || [22|70]
NCIS 04x08 || Once a Hero

NCIS || Season 11 || Japanese DVD

NCIS || Season 11 || Japanese DVD

NCIS || Calender 2015

Gibbs & Tony || [18|70]
NCIS 03x19 || Iced
Gibbs & Tony || [19-21|70]
NCIS 04x07 || Sandblast


The Crazy Ones 01x20 Love Sucks

"I’m going to tell you something that’s so sweet that happened. Since you’ve seen the show, you know there’s a scene in a restaurant where he’s just unraveling. Well, while we were shooting that, playing that together, he kept reaching out, grabbing my hand, saying, “Dawbs, are you okay? Dawberdog, are you all right?” And I said, “Yeah, Robin, I think we’re getting it. It’s good, you know? We’ve got plenty of time!” “Oh, okay. Are you sure?” Finally, after he did this maybe three times, I realized. I said, “You feel bad that you’re hurting my feelings in the scene.” He said, “It’s killing me! I can’t stand it!” And I said, “Oh my God, that’s so sweet, but Robin, it’s called ‘pretend.’ I’m not taking it seriously!” But that’s what kind of a sensitive soul he is: It was really bothering him to watch his character hurting my character!" - Pam Dawber

Rest in Peace, Robin! You will be missed!

Mark Harmon 
|| photographed by Stephen Harvey || 1986