Great interview with Mark about NCIS :)
Talks about the show, Emily, the work and Cote.

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#UpdateMark Harmon Birthday Project 2014This is what our hero Mark Harmon will get! We’d like to thank everyone who’s joined.We will everyone who’s part of the project updated via E-Mail!Let’s hope Mark will like our gifts!

Mark Harmon Birthday Project 2014
This is what our hero Mark Harmon will get!
We’d like to thank everyone who’s joined.
We will everyone who’s part of the project updated via E-Mail!
Let’s hope Mark will like our gifts!

Gibbs & Tony || [23|70]
NCIS 04x10 || Grace Period
Gibbs & Abby || favorite scenes S11 ||
NCIS 11x21 || Alleged ||NCIS 11x22 || Shooter ||

Mark Harmon —- NCIS 11x24 Honor Thy Father (2014)
Weather Girl (2009) —- The Deliberate Stranger (1986)
After The Promise (1987) —- For All Time (2000) 
Chasing Liberty (2004) —- Certain Prey (2011)

Mark Harmon || NCIS 05x07 - Requiem || Behind the Scenes
Mark Harmon || NCIS 05x07 - Requiem || Behind the Scenes
Questions, please answer all :) 1. What do you like about Mark? 2. What do you like the most about NCIS? 3. Do you miss anything on NCIS? If yes, what? 4. Are you excited for new season? 5. What do you wish for NCIS?

Thanks for all the questions :)

1. What do I not like about him? Seriously, he’s an amazing actor, and most definitely underrated. He has done so many shows and movies and portrayed so many different characters. He keeps amazing me every single day. Also, he’s so down to earth and humble, generous, calm and lovely. He gives a lot to so many people and charities. He’s one of a kind, unique and outstanding. There’s no one like him. He’s the greatest person to look up to and inspiring. I owe him so much. Plus, it really doesn’t hurt that he’s such a good looking and handsome man ;)

2. Where do I start? The cast, the characters, the family feeling, the cases. Everything about this show is awesome. I love NCIS so much and will never stop supporting the show. In my opinion, there’s no better show than NCIS. It’s the only show, besides other shows that include Mark, that keeps me excited and interested, that makes me want to watch all the time. Since I’m not a huge fan of TV shows in general, this says a lot.

3. Hmmm, what do I miss? Honestly, the “Gabby” moments, especially the kisses and the caf-pow. I’m so in love with the moments between Gibbs and Abby from S11 but they were different. I miss the earlier times a lot. They were just so awesome together. Maybe that comes back. I always enjoyed the chemistry between these 2. It was always fun but also serious. They share so much and always take care of each other. Gibbs is so protective of her. I love that. In general, I love it when Gibbs is worried about one of his Kids. Brings out the best. He cares about all of them and I hope we get to see more of that.

4. Hell YES!! There’s so much I look forward to. Can’t wait to see the family being back!!!

5. I wish for this show nothing but the best. They all work so hard, cast and crew and they deserve to be respected and appreciated. The writers do their best as well. It is hard to keep a show alive for so many years, to keep it interesting, fresh, funny but also serious about the cases. NCIS is family, it’s part of who I am and nothing will stop me from loving my show.

I like bishop, but what I don't understand is: why is mcgee in the calendar in the backround and bishop in the foreground (sorry for my bad english)

I really don’t know!! I think the only people who can answer that question are the people who created and designed the calender. I could only speculate but that wouldn’t help you anyways.

PS: Sorry for the late reply.

Hi, do you happen to know if Cote really gave an interview at the end of 2012 about leaving NCIS? Do you happen to have it? Can you please share if you do? Saw people arguing about it but never saw that interview so I'm confused. Thanks.

Hi, well the only interview I’ve seen from that time is THIS ONE but I don’t know if she gave this in November or earlier. It was posted at the end of November 2012. Not sure if there is another one or if this is the one you’ve seen people talking about.

Maybe one of my followers can help?