MHPWallpapers Cote de Pablo - requested by Anonymous

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Hi, I know you just posted a few Cote wallpapers but maybe I could request more? I love her Latino Future photoshoot and maybe you can use the pics? Especially the ones with the green dress? Please :D

Had to go through my whole inbox to find your message again^^
I’m sorry it took so long to get them done but I hope you’ll like them tho.
Added 3 more as well :)

The Deliberate Stranger 1986

Ladies of NCIS requested by Anonymous

Gibbs & Tony || [11-12|70]
NCIS 02x17 || An Eye for an Eye

Sasha Alexander & Angie Harmon Rizzoli & Isles requested by Anonymous

Do you have more pics that are not so easy to find/get?

Of Mark Harmon? Yes. The rest of the Cast? Yes but it depends. Can’t share all of them tho.

The Presidio 1988

Is that pic of Cote and Michael new? Or rare? I haven't seen it before :(

It’s not new and it can’t be rare. It’s a clipping I have from some French magazine so it was published. I haven’t seen it before either so I thought I’ll scan and share it for those who might haven’t seen it either :)

Michael & Cote at the 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival - Prix TMC Télé 7 Jours06/10/10

(I haven’t seen this one before, others might have. It’s a scan from a French magazine. Had to edit it a bit. Sorry or the bad quality tho. If anyone’s interested in the unedicted scan message me)