So I can have my own opinion about Cote and her psychotic fans but not say it? How stupid is that? They scream their opinions and screw every tag, they send hate and rude shit to the cast and crew, annoy Harmons and diss Emily like crazy. How can you support that? Tell me how you can do that. I want to know. I won't ignore these assholes. I will keep pointing my opinion because they don't deserve anything nice. They're not nice either. Fuck you for supporting Cote, BBC and her fanbase.

Ah, you’re back… was hoping you would do me a favor and stay away. But I guess you’re not good at doing others a favor. Why don’t you try to be nice for a change? You’re always so rude and aggressive. Not healthy my dear.

You are allowed to have your own opinion and you are also allowed to talk about it. The problem is HOW you share your opinion. But I guess you won’t understand that point so I won’t go any further on that.

Yes, those things happened and they were not okay. Not at all. But it happened on the „other side“ as well. There is no way you can deny that. And actually, you’re one of the people from the „other side“ who do the same things. The only difference is that you insult and diss Cote de Pablo and her fanbase. And you totally ignore the fact that not every fan of Cote is supporting that behavior. You’re discriminating a whole fandom instead of the certain people who did those things. I guess it is easier to blame everyone for you.

And now…

I happen to like Cote and I wish her all the best!
I do NOT support BBC at all in any way! I stay away from them!
Some of my closest friends on Tumblr are fans of Cote!

Anyways, I have never been supporting any of the things you mentioned, regardless which side fired some hate. I don’t support hate at all. I believe that everyone is entitled to an own opinion and I don’t mind hearing them as long as the person is neither aggressive nor rude. That’s it.

Men of NCIS

Men of NCIS

Information for our followers!

We have received these messages and more since we’ve started our project for Mark’s birthday this year. We thought it was a good idea to bring fans of Mark together again to create something for him to honor and thank him. We have now decided to cancel this project!!

We are honestly sick of getting hate messages and being insulted. We had that shitstorm last year already when we started our first project. The team is definitely hurt by that behavior and we don’t think we’ll ever do any kind of project in the future. We are 3 women and we honestly don’t need that since we’re all having a real life with serious problems we have to face daily.

We apologize to our lovely supporters and friends who have been looking forward to our projects. But if we receive so much hate from so many people from all over the world we are in no way interested in continuing anything that we put our hearts, time and effort into. We hope you can understand our decision.

Thank you!

Gibbs & Tony || [12|70]
NCIS 03x03 || Mind Games
As a fan of Mark you should hate Cote fans for sending him stupid pics of their bullshit campaigne called BBC. And hate Cote too for being such a terrible person. I don't get why you suggest that I ignore her or her insane fanbase. They should not be ignored. They should be captured alive, tortured and then send to hell with a gunshot in their head.

Wow! I have received a lot very insulting and aggressive messages already but you’re definitely the worst. I had to read your message a few times to realize that you’re actually pretty serious about it.

First of all, being a fan of Cote doesn’t mean you’re a part of BBC! I know many Cote fans who don’t even want to be mentioned in the same sentence with BBC. But that’s not the point. The point is if I don’t like anything or anyone, I ignore instead of paying attention. To me, that is logical. You seem to enjoy hating. I don’t. Hating and disliking are two very different things.

In general, let people support what they want to. We’re all different, we all have different ways to handle things and we all see things in a different light. You have your opinion about Cote and her fans, that’s ok. It’s yours but that doesn’t mean everyone else on this planet has to agree with you or support your way of treating them. If you want anyone to respect yours, then you have to do the same with other people and their own opinions.

And as for the last 2 sentences I hope you’re going to seek professional help. You don’t sound healthy at all. Wishing those things to people because you don’t agree with them is just sick. Nothing else. I hope you’ll stay away from me and everyone else. And most importantly, stay away from fans of Cote. Nobody deserves that. Nobody!

NCIS 08x06 Cracked

Riveting, inspiring, and compelling “Fahim Speaks,” offers the kind of excitement and  drama that has Hollywood on the edge of it’s seat.  Accordingly, he has  developed a huge celebrity following.  Here are a just a few of the A-list  actors and politicians who can’t get enough of “Fahim Speaks.” 

Riveting, inspiring, and compelling “Fahim Speaks,” offers the kind of excitement and
drama that has Hollywood on the edge of it’s seat.  Accordingly, he has
developed a huge celebrity following.  Here are a just a few of the A-list
actors and politicians who can’t get enough of “Fahim Speaks.” 

Gibbs & Tony || [11|70]
NCIS 02x24 || Twilight
Gibbs & Tony || [11|70]
NCIS 02x24 || Twilight
As a Cote fan I wanted to thank you for not giving haters a chance. And also for all the lovely pictures you post. I know your blog is for Mark but it's so nice from you to post about Cote and the others, too. Thank you for that. I love your blog.

Thank you for your sweet message! I’m glad you like what I post :)


This is for our dear friend Elisha at tonyandzivauk! Triin and I are so proud of you and want to congratulate you again for your graduation! You’ve been working so hard and deserve the best only. We both wish you all the best for your next steps. We love you!